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Monday May 2 2016 / Science & Technology - A Little Levity

We've all been here, haven't we? Well, hopefully a few of you at least will have shared the following scenario with me in childhood: you have folded the perfect paper plane, which in your imagination soars effortlessly across the room to gasps of admiration (and a tinge of jealousy) from the rest of the room. But, in reality, when you release your plane (with just a little too much force) it flies straight down to the floor with a paper- and soul-crushing thwack, followed by a quickly rising volume of laughter and sniggers.

If only there was a better way.

If only your control didn't end when the plane leaves your fingers; if only you could fly your paper plane yourself. If only your paper plane could fly itself.

Well, with PowerUp 3.0 you can fly your paper plane yourself. And with PowerUp 3.0, your paper plane can fly itself.

The whole concept is simple, as the best ideas usually are, but executed with enough miniaturized high technology to power an Apollo mission and satisfy the gadget freak's micro-processing fix.

The PowerUp 3.0 kit actually comprises an electronics box attached to a rear propeller by a carbon fibre shaft. It is designed to attach to a wide range of A4-based paper planes.

A PowerUp smartphone app connects to the plane via Bluetooth 4.0, and the user can turn left or right using a small tail rudder, while climbing and descending are controlled by the throttle: speed up, it climbs; slow down, it descends. And you can also turn left and right just by tilting your phone in the desired direction.

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Suggested by
Ian Skellern