Sunday December 13 2009 / A Little Levity

Nothing says 'Location, location, location.' better than the Devil's Pool, a natural water hole precipitously perched on the very edge of the Victoria Falls.

This ultimate infinity pool is created each year when the dry season reduces water levels sufficient for the underwater ledge to offer protection against being swept over.

Hundreds of thrill-seekers descend on the falls, on Zambia's border with Zimbabwe, clambering across rocks and wading through shallows across the precipice to reach the pool.

Although it's not for faint hearted, swimming in the Devil's Pool isn't as dangerous as it appears in the photographs. A natural rock ledge reduces the current and stops swimmers from being swept over the edge. However, the pool is only safe to use at times of the year when water levels are comparatively low. When the water level rises, the ledge does not offer enough protection for swimmers.

Suggested by
Maximilian Büsser