Sunday August 23 2009 / Science & Technology - A Little Levity

Imagine: a couple of tech-savvy young guys, let's call them Simon and Steve, decide to program their mobile phone to control their radio-controlled model cars.

They then upload a video of themselves playing to YouTube, where it was seen by somebody at the McClaren F1 team, who asked them to get in touch.

Our boys are then invited by McClaren to a  race test track in Portugal ,where Lewis Hamilton proceeded to drive a McClaren F1 car by remote control using a similar phone.

Watch the video above to see how it all panned out.

Wow, what a story! If only it was true . . . and this one isn't.

It is actually a guerrilla marketing campaign by Vodafone for the BlackBerry Storm. A very successful marketing campaign in terms of viewer numbers, but it must have been frustrating that many viewers thought it was an iPhone! 

Suggested by
Carlos Torres