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Sunday September 21 2008 / Science & Technology

The FLAREkinetic ambient refelction membrane by WHITEvoid interactive art & design from Germany. is a modular system that creats a dynamic hull for facades or wall surface.

Acting like a living skin, FLARE allows a building to express, communicate and interact with its environment and passers by.

The FLARE system consists of a number of tiltable metal flake bodies supplemented by individually controllable pneumatic cylinders.

Due to the developed pattern, an infinite array of flakes can be mounted on any building or wall surface in a modular system of multiplied Flare units.

The system is controlled by a computer to form any kind of surface animation. Sensor systems inside and outside the building communicate the buildings activity directly to the FLARE system which acts as the buildings lateral line.

Each metal flake reflects the bright sky or sunlight when in vertical standby position.
When the flake is tilted downwards by a computer controlled pneumatic piston, its face is shaded from the sky light and this way appears as a dark pixel.

By reflecting ambient or direct sunlight, the individual flakes of the FLARE system act like pixels formed by natural light.

View the video to see how FLARE brings the building to life.

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Suggested by
Maximilian Büsser