Sunday May 30 2010 / Science & Technology - Art & Design

Architect Gary Chang has lived in his small 32sqm (344 sq.ft) Hong Kong apartment for 30 years now, ever since he was 14 years old. 

Because of severe space restrictions apartments in Hong Kong are small and expensive. Chang decided to design his apartment so that by sliding panels and walls it is able to change into 24 different designs.

He calls it the "Domestic Transformer."

The swinging hammock is in the center of a huge home theater setup 

Virginia Gardiner described the apartment in the New York Times: "The wall units, which are suspended from steel tracks bolted into the ceiling, seem to float an inch above the reflective black granite floor. As they are shifted around, the apartment becomes all manner of spaces -- kitchen, library, laundry room, dressing room, a lounge with a hammock, an enclosed dining area and a wet bar."

Chang explains that his key idea is that everyone could look into their home more carefully and into how better to optimise their resources, because space is a resource. There is no use making your home as if it is a perfect show flat but at the same time never using the space.

Gary Chang has now written a book about his experiences in the apartment; he has lived in it since he was 14 and has renovated it five times. It's called My 32m2 Apartment, a 30 Year Transformation.

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Maximilian Büsser