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Sunday November 26 2006 / MB&F


Welcome to 'Our World'. Here we hope to share with you a broader - a much broader- view of MB&F: Maximilian Büsser and Friends. Yes, there will be occasional articles and information about MB&F's horological machines; however, our primary purpose with this Blog is to share with you what makes all the “friends” tick; what are our other passions; the interesting creators or artists we meet and what catches our eye in the media, etc....

For those of you not familiar with the concept behind MB&F, it is a Creative Label based around one very simple and fundamental ideal: to assemble dedicated collectives of talented horological artisans, artists and professionals to design and craft each year a radical and totally original horological masterpiece.

Each machine will have its own dedicated collective of 'Friends' and it is this world of passion and creativity we wish to share with you in 'Our World'.

We welcome you to share Our World

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Ian Skellern