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Shop No. 387
Ground Floor
Salhia Commercial Complex
P.O. Box #1727
13018 Kuwait City

Tel. office +965 224 00 951
Fax +965 224 0953

Khalid Mustafa KARAM
Owner, President

When did you first meet Max
When he first joined the Harry Winston in 1998.

Why participate in the MB&F adventure
We have always believed in Max, and over the years he has not only come through, his creations have often stunned us and exceeded by far our expectations. MB&F as a concept just made total sense for us, as we have always had a very close relationship with our partners, and high-end horology is not about marketing but about people. Now, the first time he showed us the designs of the Horological Machine N°1 and N°2, we were initially rather in shock, but after a good night's sleep, it hit us "This is incredible, let's do it!"