Stephen Silver

Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel,
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CA 94025 Menlo Park
United States of America

Tel. office 650-292 0612

Jared Silver

When did you first meet Max
Max and I first met at a small restaurant in Basel in January 2015 to discuss bringing the most forward thinking and radical independent watch brand in the world, MB&F, to the most innovative part of the world, Silicon Valley.

Why participate in the MB&F adventure
That they are absolutely bonkers! Whenever I go to see Max in Basel or Geneve, there is no brand that I look forward to seeing their new releases more than MB&F. You can feel the ethos of the company in every single one of Max's creations. He takes risks in ways that others are too scared to, and he is ruthlessly loyal to his purpose. He also exemplifies the concept of innovation through collaboration, and we value greatly here in Silicon Valley.

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