A 10th Anniversary Horological Machine


MB&F celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2015, and there is one basic fact about birthdays that is fairly safe to assume: the one celebrating usually gets the presents.

MB&F turned that basic assumption on its head. Rather than expecting to receive, we conceived the HMX – “X” as in the Roman numeral for ten – as a thank you to the Friends who have supported us over the last 10 years. Instead of developing an ultra-complicated, ultra-expensive anniversary timepiece – standard practice in the luxury world – we cut margins without sacrificing quality, offering a true Horological Machine at an unprecedented price.

Designed like a supercar, HMX is a driver’s watch with bi-directional jumping hours and trailing minutes – but it's how and where the time is displayed that makes HMX so special: rotating discs on top of the movement are reflected vertically and magnified by optical prisms. Visible through a curved sapphire crystal, the movement is designed like a supercar engine, down to the dual "rocker covers" including shiny oil filler caps.

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the machine


  • Material: grade 5 titanium and stainless steel with detailing in black, green, blue or red.
  • Dimensions: 46.8 x 44.3 x 20.7 mm


  • Three-dimensional horological engine, composed of a jumping hour and trailing minutes module developed in-house by MB&F, powered by a Sellita gear train.
  • Mechanical movement, automatic winding.
  • 223 components / 29 jewels / 42h power reserve

Functions / indications

  • Bi-directional jumping hours and trailing minutes, displayed by dual reflective sapphire crystal prisms with integrated magnifying lens.

sapphire crystals

  • Sapphire crystals on top, front and display back treated with anti-reflective coating on both sides.
  • Dual reflective sapphire crystal prisms with integrated magnifying lens.
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Rotating discs on top of the movement are reflected vertically and magnified by two sapphire crystal optical-grade prisms; a unique combination of mechanical and optical engineering.



The HMX automatic movement displays bi-directional jumping hours and trailing minutes, powered by a 22k gold winding rotor.



These oil caps are not just pretty design elements, but are fully functional oil caps that the watchmaker unscrews to oil the jewelled bearings of the indication discs.



As a child, Maximilian Büsser dreamt of becoming a car designer and his sketchbooks were full of drawings of the supercars of his imagination. The automobile-inspired HMX is proof positive that the child in Max survived. Design influences like the distinctive ‘Superleggera’ style of renowned Italian coachbuilder Carrozzeria Touring resonate throughout the “coachwork” of the Machine.

Visible through the sapphire crystal engine cover are supercar-inspired dual "rocker covers" on top of the movement, each featuring shiny chrome oil filler caps. The four colours of HMX are all carefully selected motor racing colours: black, green, red and blue.