Horological Machine N°6

ready for horological hyperspace ?


With its biomorphic curves, animated spheres, 'winking' eye and beating heart, HM6 is our most organic machine to date.

In each of the four corners of HM6’s biomorphic case is a 360° sphere, capped top and bottom by transparent sapphire crystal domes. Up forward, two spheres rotate vertically respectively displaying hours and minutes. Back aft, the twin spherical turbines spin, regulating the automatic winding system to reduce stress and wear.

The transparent cupola on top houses a flying tourbillon and offers a tantalizing glimpse into the sophisticated engine inside. The sapphire crystal display portal on the back reveals more of the 475 finely finished components making up the highly complex movement, which required over three years of development. The sapphire crystal plates of the HM6-SV and Alien Nation editions offer even more comprehensive views − top and bottom − to the movement within.

Horological Machine N°6 Final Edition finishes a series started in 2014. With the 8 pieces of HM6 Final Edition, the number of pieces made in the Horological Machine N°6 series comes to a total of exactly 100.

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the machine


  • HM6 Ti: Ti-6Al-4V (Grade 5) titanium
  • HM6 RT: 18K 5N+ red gold and Ti-6Al-4V (Grade 5) titanium
  • HM6-SV: Sandwich construction of two transparent sapphire crystal plates on either side of a central precious metal case band, in 18K 5N+ red gold or platinum 950.
  • HM6 Alien Nation: sapphire crystal with white gold aliens and 4 different gasket colours.
  • HM6 FE: Stainless steel.


  • Ti, RT and Final Editions: 49.5 x 52.3 x 20.4 mm
  • SV + Alien Nation Editions: 50 x 51 x 22.7 mm


  • Three-dimensional horological engine developed exclusively for HM6 by MB&F with David Candaux
  • Flying Tourbillon with retractable shield and twin aluminium turbines driven by winding rotor
  • Power reserve: 72h
  • 475 components / 68 jewels (Alien Nation 496 components / 68 jewels) / 72h power reserve

Functions / indications

  • Hours and minutes on separate semi-spherical aluminium indications
  • Crown to open/close tourbillon shield

Sapphire crystals

  • 10 sapphire crystals: 9 domed (4 for the hour and minute indications, 4 for the turbines, 1 for the tourbillon) and one flat (display back); 2 additional sapphire crystal plates for the SV and Alien Nation editions; and additional case band in sapphire crystal for the Alien Nation.
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60-second flying tourbillon

60-second flying tourbillon

The choice of such a sophisticated regulator was dictated by the restricted space under the crystal dome, which could not accommodate the upper supporting bridge of a standard balance wheel.

Retractable shield

Retractable shield

The tourbillon can be protected from UV radiation by a retractable spherical shield that envelopes the tourbillon with four overlapping, curved blades operated by a crown on the left side of the case.

Dual spherical turbines

Dual spherical turbines

Each composed of no fewer than 15 curved vanes machined from solid blocks of aluminium. Connected to the winding rotor by a gear train, they automatically regulate the winding system to reduce stress and wear.



The inspiration for HM6 came from a Japanese anime TV series from the 1970s and 80s: Capitaine Flam (Captain Future in English). Capitaine Flam’s spaceship was called the Comet and consisted of two spheres joined by a connecting tube. Put two such craft together and the seeds of Space Pirate were planted.

The curved lines of HM6 make it a softer, more organically shaped Machine than its predecessors. The inspiration for this came from the biomorphism art movement, which takes its cues from design elements based on the shapes of living organisms.

For the HM6-SV editions, the metal case band is distinguished by horizontal lines reminiscent of the American Greyhound “Streamliner” buses of the 1950s and '60s, which grew out of a late Art Deco style known as Streamline Moderne.