Horological Machine N°3

Starcruiser & Sidewinder


First launched in 2009, Horological Machine No.3 was far outside existing timekeeping references and marked the beginning of an iconic series.

The wearer can fully appreciate the art and craft that makes up HM3 and draws one’s gaze inside the highly complex machine; a machine comprising more than 300 fine-finished, high-precision components. The movement of HM3 has been literally turned upside down to allow for an uninterrupted panorama of the solid gold winding rotor’s graceful arcs and the high-speed oscillations of the balance wheel. Turning the watch over reveals the technical secret behind its inverted movement: two large ceramic bearings efficiently transmit power up to the cones and date wheel.

HM3 is available in two versions: ‘Sidewinder’, with cones lined perpendicular to the arm and ‘Starcruiser’, with cones in line with the arm.

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the machine


  • 2 versions:
  • Starcruiser (cones in line with arm)
  • Sidewinder (cones perpendicular to arm)
  • Both versions available in 18k white gold/titanium or 18k red gold/titanium.
  • Dimensions 47 x 50 x 16 mm


  • Three-dimensional horological engine designed by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht/Agenhor;
  • Powered by a Sowind base
  • 22k gold battle-axe automatic winding rotor
  • Hour and minutes information transmitted via ceramic ball bearings to laser-cut hands.
  • 304 components / 36 jewels

Functions / indications

  • Hours and day/night indicator on one cone, minutes on second cone
  • Date around the movement
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Twin cones

Twin cones

The time-indicating cones posed considerable challenges. The top caps of the truncated cones are brazed to ensure maximum water-resistance and the red ‘hands’ are cut by laser to obtain high precision and minimum mass.

Battle-axe rotor

Battle-axe rotor

The 22k gold iconic MB&F rotor is shaped like a battle-axe; it is placed dial-side and appears symmetrically balanced, apparently defying the laws of physics.

Ceramic bearings

Ceramic bearings

Placing the rotor and regulator on the dial side required an inverted movement, only possible thanks to two large ceramic bearings that efficiently transmit time up to the revolving hour and minute cones



Designed like a spaceship, Horological Machine No.3 was developed to display the machine’s beautifully finished movement in operation. Harmoniously crafted bridges, rapidly oscillating balance wheel, gearing and distinctive battle-axe shaped automatic winding rotor are all open to view.

Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, winner of the inaugural award for Best Watchmaker at the 2007 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, was entrusted with turning the drawings and designs of Max Büsser and designer Eric Giroud into horological reality.


Horological Machine No.3 is available in two versions: ‘Starcruiser’ and ‘Sidewinder’, with cones in line or perpendicular to the arm.