Horological Machine N°8



Over the last decade, two indelible forms have dominated the main characteristics of an MB&F Horological Machine: the distinctive angular form and optical prism manifested in HM5 and HMX; and the signature battle-axe winding rotor, which took centre stage on top of HM3, MB&F's most popular model to date.
HM8 takes those two idiosyncratic features and infuses them with high-octane Can-Am race car-inspired design.

HM8 features a curvaceous yet angular case with dual optical prisms vertically displaying bi-directional jumping hours and minutes, while the distinctive battle-axe winding rotor is visible on top. But the real star of HM8 is its Can-Am inspired chrome "roll bars" majestically sweeping from the top of the front of the Machine down to the tapered back.

HM8's Engine sits in full view under nearly invisible sapphire crystal engine cover. The open centre of the battle-axe rotor enables appreciation of the circular wave finish on the movement, while the hours and minute indication discs are visible day and night in the corners.

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the machine


  • Material: 18k white gold/titanium and 18k 5N+ red gold/titanium
  • Dimension: 49 x 51.5 x 19 mm


  • Three-dimensional horological engine conceived and developed by MB&F from a Girard-Perregaux base calibre.
  • 22k gold battle-axe automatic winding rotor.
  • 247 components / 30 jewels

Functions / indications

  • Minutes and bi-directional jumping hours displayed by two optical prisms that both reflect and magnify.

Sapphire crystals

  • All sapphire crystals – front, back, top, bottom – treated with anti-reflective coating on both faces
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The bi-directional jumping hour and trailing minute displays are materialised by overlapping discs completely covered in Super-LumiNova and reflected from the discs 90° by two sapphire crystal prisms.



The HM8 automatic movement displays bi-directional jumping hours and trailing minutes, powered by a 22k gold winding rotor.



It may appear that the sapphire crystal covering the Engine is circular and positioned above the battle-axe rotor, but it's not. The complete top of the case is one piece of sapphire crystal with sections of the crystal metallised to create a bluish border.



When he was young, MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser dreamt of becoming a car designer, but that wasn't an option and he ended up designing watches instead. Or did he? It wouldn't take much to scale HM8 up to car size, drop a 1,000+ horsepower motor under the sapphire crystal hood and put a set of slick racing tyres under the chassis.

While visually it is those polished roll bars linking HM8 to the Can-Am supercars, it's the rebellious spirit of working outside restrictive rules that really provided the inspiration for HM8.